Zimbra Web Client Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts



Key Sequence List Menu Dialog Button Toolbar
up arrow select prev prev      
down arrow select next next   submenu  
left arrow   parent menu     prev*
right arrow   submenu     next*
space select next        
ctl-up focus prev        
ctl-down focus next        
shift-up add prev        
shift-down add next        
ctl-A select all        
enter select select/submenu button press click  
ctl-enter action menu        
ctl-M action menu        
, or < action menu        
escape   close cancel    



Key Sequence Action Notes
` or ~ assistant  
delete or BS delete item(s)  
G,M goto mail  
G,A goto addr book  
G,C goto calendar  
G,I goto IM  
G,N goto notebook  
N new based on current app
N,M new msg  
N,L new calendar  
N,C new contact  
N,A new appt  
N,F new folder  
N,T new tag  
N,W new wiki  
P print  
G,1 tag #1 toggle
G,[n] tag #n toggle
U untag items  
Alt-Shift-D,0 turn off debug  
Alt-Shift-D,1 debug level 1  
Alt-Shift-D,2 debug level 2  
Alt-Shift-D,3 debug level 3  
Alt-Shift-D,T debug timing  

Tab Views

Key Sequence Action Notes
alt-right arrow goto next tab  
alt-left arrow goto prev tab  
alt-1 goto tab #1  
alt-[n] goto tab #n  


Mail Views

These key bindings are in play for the given views.

* CLV = conversation list view
* TV = traditional view (msg list)
* CV = conversation view
* MV = message view (TV, no reading pane)


Key Sequence CLV, TV, CV CV, MV Notes
left arrow prev page prev msg MV
right arrow next page next msg MV
shift-left arrow   prev conv CV
shift-right arrow   next conv CV
enter or O open    
escape   close  
I goto Inbox    
T goto Trash    
S goto Sent    
D goto Drafts    
R reply    
R,S reply    
A reply all    
R,A reply all    
F forward   acc to current pref
F,I forward inline    
F,A forward as att    
M,R mark read    
M,U mark unread    
M,F flag   toggle
.,I move to Inbox    
.,T move to Trash    
.,J move to Junk    
>,I move to Inbox    
>,T move to Trash    
>,J move to Junk    
 ! mark as spam    
V,C view by conv    
V,M view by msg    
R,P reading pane   toggle
X show fragment    

Mail Compose

Key Sequence Action Notes
escape cancel  
alt-S send  
alt-A add att  
alt-D save draft  
alt-H HTML compose toggle
alt-L spellcheck  
alt-T address picker  
alt-W new window  


Address Book

Key Sequence Action Notes
left arrow prev page  
right arrow next page  
E edit contact  
P,A print all  


Key Sequence Action Notes
Esc cancel  
Alt-S save  


Calendar Views

Key Sequence Action Notes
D or 1 day view  
W or 7 week view  
W,W or 5 work week view  
M or 3 month view  
E edit  
R refresh  
T goto today  
Q quick add  

Appointment Compose

Key Sequence Action Notes
Esc cancel  
Alt-S save  
Alt-A all day toggle


Key Sequence Action Notes
Alt-E edit  
Alt-R refresh