TheBat! HotKeys - Keyboard Shortcuts



o Alt+Up/Down = scroll up/down to one row
o Ctrl+S (*) <- = left to one character
o Ctrl+D (*) -> = right to one character
o Ctrl+A (*) Ctrl+ <- = word left
o Ctrl+F (*) Ctrl+ -> = word right
o Home = to the beginning of the row
o End = to the end of the row
o Ctrl+R (*) PageUp = up to one screen height
o Ctrl+C (*) PageDown = down to one screen height
o Ctrl+PageUp = to the beginning of the page
o Ctrl+PageDown = to the end of the page
o Ctrl+Q B (*) = to the selection start
o Ctrl+Q K (*) = to the selection end
o Ctrl+Home = to the beginning of the text
o Ctrl+End = to the end of the text

* That shortcut doesn't work


o Ctrl+[ = uppercase the WORD
o Ctrl+] = lowercase the word
o Ctrl+\ = change the register of the letters of a wORD
o Ctrl+/ = capitalize the Word

Blocks, Rows

o Alt+J = justify the block or paragraph
o Alt+R = align the block on right end
o Alt+L = align the block on left end
o Alt+C = align the block on center
o Ctrl+O K = switch block type to stream
o Ctrl+O C = switch block type to column
o Ctrl+O L = switch block type to linear
o Ctrl+K T = mark the current word
o Ctrl+K L = mark the current row
o Ins = toggle insert/overwrite mode
o Ctrl+Del Ctrl+K Y = delete the block
o Ctrl+Ins Ctrl+K C Ctrl+C
Ctrl+Q C = copy the block to clipboard
o Shift+Ins Ctrl+K V Ctrl+V = paste the block from clipboard
o Ctrl+K I = move the block to the right
o Ctrl+K U (*) = move the block to the right
o Shift+Del Ctrl+X = cut the block
o Alt+Ins = paste the block as quotation
o Ctrl+K B = mark the beginning of a block
o Ctrl+K K = mark the end of a block
o Ctrl+K H = toggle the mark of a block
o Ctrl+K R = read the block from file
o Ctrl+K W = write the block to a file
o Ctrl+Y = delete the current line
o Ctrl+Q Y = delete to the end of line
o Ctrl+K n (n=0..9) = place a position marker on the text
o Ctrl+Q n (n=0..9) = go to a marker
o Enter = new row
o Backspace Ctrl+H = delete character on the left
o Del Ctrl+G = delete character on the right
o Ctrl+T = delete the word after cursor
o ??trl+Backspace = delete the word before cursor
o Alt+Backspace = undo
o Alt+mouse = column selection DG
o Shift+mouse = stream selection
o Ctrl+mouse = line selection


o F7 Ctrl+F Ctrl+Q F
F3 Ctrl+L = search for a string
o Shift+F7 F3 Ctrl+L = repeat the last search
o Ctrl+F7 Ctrl+Q A = search and replace
o Alt+F7 = reverse search


o F2 Ctrl+Enter = send message immediately
o Shift+F2 = save message in Outbox and exit editing
o Ctrl+S = save message and continue editing
o Ctrl+F2 Alt+F5 = save message as...
o Alt+F2 = save draft
o Esc = cancel message


o Ctrl+Q D = insert current date
o Ctrl+Q T = insert current time
o Alt+PgDn = attach UUE file
o Alt+PgUp = attach MIME file
o Ctrl+A = select all
o F4 = check spelling
o Ctrl+F4 = automatic spell checking
o Ctrl+Shift+F = autoformat text (while typing)
o Ctrl+Shift+W = new row at the end of the line (autowrap)
o Ctrl+Shift+J = justify on autowrap


o Shift+Enter = address book
while in From:, To:, etc

o Alt+Enter
Right mouse clk = local menu
while in From:, To:, etc

o Ctrl+Alt+Enter = next field from a history

o Ctrl+Plus = complete the address from the address book
while in From:, To:, etc

o Arrows Tab/Shift+Tab = move to the another address field
while in From:, To:, etc

o Tab = move to the message edit window
while in the last field
(in Subject: )

o Alt+Down = history of the field
while in From:, To:, etc

o Shift+Tab = move to the one of the From:, To:, etc field

o Ctrl+Space = insert quick template


Message List Window


o Enter = open
o Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+F5 Ctrl+R = reply

o F4 = reply, qouting selected text
o Shift+F4 = reply without quotation
o Ctrl+F4 = reply to the sender

o Ctrl+Backspace = find reply to the message
o Ctrl+Shift+F5 = reply to all
o Ctrl+F Shift+F5 = forward
o Ctrl+E Ctrl+F6 = redirect
o Shift+F6 = re-post
o Ctrl+C = copy to folder
o Ctrl+V = move to folder
o Ctrl+S Alt+F5 = save the message as...
o Del = delete
o Ctrl+U = mark as unread
o Ctrl+M = mark as read
o Ctrl+J = park the message
o Ctrl+D = unpark the message
o Ctrl+] = move to the next unread message
o Ctrl+[ = move to the previous unread message

o Ctrl+W = add sender to the address book
o Ctrl+Shift+W = add recipient to the address book
o Ctrl+B = delete sender from the address book
o Ctrl+Shift+B = delete recipient from the address book
o Ctrl+Shift+F = create filter
o Space = next page of the message
o Alt+Up/Down = scroll up/down to one row

Sort by:
o Ctrl+1 = received time
o Ctrl+2 = creation time
o Ctrl+3 = size
o Ctrl+4 = from
o Ctrl+5 = to
o Ctrl+6 = subject
o Ctrl+7 = message flags
o Ctrl+8 = attachment presence
o Ctrl+9 = parking/draft flag
o Ctrl+0 = descending order


o Plus/Minus Ctrl+Space
Shift+Space Alt+Space
^^^^^^^^^ with well-known effect :)
Right Arrow/Left Arrow = open/close the branch of the current thread in a folder
o Ctrl+(Shift)+Plus/Minus = open/close all the branches of the current
thread in a folder
o Ctrl+* = open all the branches of all threads in a folder

o Ctrl+T = copy thread
o Ctrl+Shift+V = move thread
o Ctrl+Shift+Del = delete thread
o Ctrl+Shift+M = mark thread as read
o Ctrl+Shift+U = mark thread as unread

View threads by:
o Alt+0 = none
o Alt+1 = references
o Alt+2 = subject
o Alt+3 = from
o Alt+4 = to


o Ctrl+Up/Down = message (de)selection
o Ctrl+A = select all
o Shift+Up/Down = message selection
o Shift+End = select from the cursor position to the
end (in EDITOR as well)
o Shift+Home = select from the beginning to the
cursor position (in EDITOR as well)
o Shift+PgUp = select from cursor position to the
beginning of the page (in EDITOR as well)
o Shift+PgDn = select from the cursor position to the
end of the page (in EDITOR as well)
o Shift+Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn/End/Home = that's a combination of previous shortcuts

o Alt+Right/Left = scroll right/left to one field

o PgDn = up to one screen height
o PgUp = down to one screen height
o Home Ctrl+K = to the beginning of the message list
o End = to the end of the message list

the last 4 ones can be used along with pressed Ctrl key - with the
same result

Message List Window

Most of all shortcuts in the previous window work here as well.

o Ctrl+Shift+Enter = reply to all

Account Tree

o F5 Ctrl+N = create new message
o Ins = create new folder
o Ctrl+Del = empty folder
o Ctrl+Enter = properties

o Ctrl+Up/Down = folder scrolling

o Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L = search for unlisted folders AKL
o Ctrl+M = mark all messages of the current folder
as read

Adress Book

o Ctrl+O = open address book
o Ctrl+T = create new contact
o Ctrl+G = create new group
o Ctrl+X = cut
o Ctrl+C = copy
o Ctrl+V = insert
o Ctrl+Enter = properties
o Shift+Enter = create a message
o F5 = refresh
o F7 = LDAP search


o Ctrl+Shift+Q = edit quick template

o Ctrl+Shift+A = view log
o Ctrl+Shift+H = show/hide message header
o Ctrl+Shift+K = show/hide kludges
o Ctrl+Shift+L = show/hide log panel
o Ctrl+Shift+M = message auto-view
o Ctrl+Shift+T = mail ticker auto-view
o Ctrl+Shift+O = address auto-view

o Ctrl+Shift+Alt+/ = toggle full/short menu LK

o F7 = message search
o F8 = address book
o Ctrl+F12 = set account access password
o Ctrl+Shift+P = account properties

o F2 = get new mail
o Shift+F2 = send queued mail
o Alt+F2
mouse click on
Shift + = check mail for all accounts
"Get new mail"

o Shift+Alt+F2
mouse click on
Shift + = send queued mail from all accounts
"Send queued mail"

o Ctrl+Shift+F2 = dispatch all messages on server
o Ctrl+F2 = dispatch only new messages on server

o Tab = to the next window (account tree,
message list window, message view window)
o Ctrl+(Shift)+Tab = to the attach-tabs

o F10 = menu
o Alt+F10 = local menu
o Alt+F6 = switch to another window

o Alt+X = exit
o Alt+F1 = about

o Alt+Ins = add a filtering string
while in the Sorting Office

Mouse Shortcuts

o ALT+mouse click on a field
(From:, To:, Subject:, etc) = filter out all messages with the same
field (From:, To:, Subject:, etc)
o (Ctrl+=, Esc = undo that filter)

o Alt+mouse = change folder position DG
o ALT+CTRL+mouse = move a folder inside another folder DG
o Ctrl+mouse = select a few messages (elective selection)
o Ctrl+drag'n'drop = copy message
o Right click on the column
header of the message list
window = invoke setup columns dialog