SQLyog Hotkeys

F5        Execute Current Query
F8        Execute For Update
F1        Help
F3        Keyboard Shortcuts Window
F6        Alter Table Structure
F7        Manage Index Window
F9        Refresh Object Browser
F10        Manage Foreign Relationships
F11        Insert Update Dialog

Ctrl+1        Show/Hide Object Browser
Ctrl+2        Show/Hide Result Pane
Ctrl+3        Show/Hide Query Window
Ctrl+B        Set Focus On Object Browser
Ctrl+D        Create Database
Ctrl+E        Set Focus On SQL Window
Ctrl+F        Find
Ctrl+L        Toggle Result In Text/Grid Mode
Ctrl+M        Create A New Connection
Ctrl+N        Create A New Connection With Current Connection Properties
Ctrl+O        Open A SQL Document In SQL Window
Ctrl+R        Set Focus On Result Window
Ctrl+S        Save The Current SQL Document
Ctrl+U        Add A New User
Ctrl+V        Paste Data Into SQL Window
Ctrl+Q        Database Synchronization Tool
Ctrl+F4        Disconnect The Current Connection
Ctrl+F5        Execute Selected Query(s)

Shift+F5        Execute All Query(s)
Shift+Del        Empty A Table / Empty A Database        

Ctrl+Alt+O        ODBC Import Wizard
Ctrl+Alt+C        Export Table Data As CSV
Ctrl+Alt+X        Export Table Data As XML
Ctrl+Alt+H        Export Table Data As HTML
Ctrl+Alt+E        Export Data As Batch Scripts
Ctrl+Alt+R        Reorder Columns
Ctrl+Alt+T        Table Diagnostics
Ctrl+Alt+U        Edit User Permissions
Ctrl+Alt+F        Flush Dialog
Ctrl+Alt+N        SQLyog Notification Services
Ctrl+Alt+S        Scheduled Backup

Ctrl+Shift+C    Comment Selection In SQL Window
Ctrl+Shift+E    Export Resultset
Ctrl+Shift+F    Add Current SQL To Personal Folder
Ctrl+Shift+L    Make Selection Lowercase
Ctrl+Shift+P    Activate The Personal Folder Menu
Ctrl+Shift+R    Remove Comment From Selection
Ctrl+Shift+S    Open Create Schema Dialog
Ctrl+Shift+T    Open Insert Template Dialog
Ctrl+Shift+U    Make Selection Uppercase
Ctrl+Shift+M    Import CSV Data To The Table
Ctrl+Shift+Q    Execute A SQL Batch File
Ctrl+Shift+W    Open Manage User Dialog Box

Alt+1...n        Select Nth Tab In Result Window