Skype rich text (html) messages

Skype supports rich text formatting using html.

To send html-formatted message,

type your message using supported html tags. Then Hold Ctrl+Shift and click "Send message" button.

HTML tags supported by Skype:

strikethrough: <s>your text</s>
underline: <u>your text</u>
font color: <font color="#00ff00">your text</font> (#ff0000 is red, #00ff00 is green, #0000ff is blue, combinations give the other colors)
web links:<a href=""></a>
blinking text: <blink>your blinking text</blink>
font size: <font size="25">Hello, world!</font>
bold: <b>your bold text</b>
italic: <i>your italic text</i>
HTML comments <!-- -->

quotes: <quote author="skype_id" authorname="DisplayedName" conversation="ConversationName" timestamp="unixTimestamp"><legacyquote>[hh:mm:ss] DisplayedName: </legacyquote>Quoted text</quote>

Announced, but not yet supported tags:

ordered lists: <ol> <li> </li> </ol>
unordered lists: <ul> <li> </li> </ul>
bold: <strong></strong>
emphasis: <em></em>
paragraph: <p></p>
line break: <br />


- Linux users will not see rich text (html) formatting
- Linux users can send html-formatted message but do not see formatting of their own message

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