QuickTime Player Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts




Space bar






Play or pause all movies








Play movie backward


Command-Left Arrow






Stop playback and go back one frame


Left Arrow








Stop playback and go forward one frame


Right Arrow








Go to beginning of selection or movie


Option-Left Arrow





Go to end of selection or movie


Option-Right Arrow







Turn volume up


Up Arrow








Turn volume down


Down Arrow








Turn volume up to maximum level


Option-Up Arrow







Turn volume down to minimum level


Option-Down Arrow

  QuickTime Pro keyboard shortcuts      
  Enter full-screen mode   Command-F  
  Exit full-screen mode   Command-period or Esc  
  Play movie at half size   Command-0  
  Play movie at normal size   Command-1  
  Play movie at double size   Command-2  
  Play movie at full size   Command-3  


Move In marker to playhead location









Move Out marker to playhead location



Extend selection to the left


Option-Shift-Left Arrow








Extend selection to the right


Option-Shift-Right Arrow








Extend selection to the point clicked in LCD