Picasa Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Selecting Photos

  • Ctrl-A: Select all photos in album
  • Ctrl-D: De-select photos
  • Ctrl-I: Invert photo selection
  • Home: Select the first photo in your album
  • End: Select the last photo in your album
  • Ctrl-H: Hold selected photos in Photo Tray
  • Ctrl-Enter: Locate the photo file on your computer
  • Ctrl-0: Open a file on your computer

Shortcuts for Viewing Photos

  • Ctrl-1: View your photos as small thumbnails
  • Ctrl-2: View your photos as large thumbnails
  • F11: Use Picasa in full-screen mode
  • Ctrl-4: Start a slideshow
  • Ctrl-5: View your timeline

Shortcuts for Editing Photos

  • Ctrl-3: Open an image in "Edit Mode"
  • Ctrl-R: Rotate the image clockwise
  • Ctrl-Shift-R: Rotate the image counter-clockwise
  • Ctrl-Shift-H: Flip image horizontally
  • Ctrl-Shift-V: Flip image vertically
  • Ctrl-Shift-B: Add black and white effect

Miscellaneous Shortcuts

  • Ctrl-E: Email selected photos
  • Ctrl-P: Print selected images
  • Ctrl-Shift-P: Print album contact sheet
  • Ctrl-F: Search
  • Ctrl-K: Add keywords to your photos
  • Ctrl-N: Create a new album
  • F1: View help content

Shortcuts for Watching Videos

  • / [slash]: Pause or play video
  • , [comma]: Rewind video
  • . [period]: Fast forward video