Paint Shop Pro Hotkeys

File Menu
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Browse Ctrl + B
Save Crtl + S
Save As F12
Save Copy As Ctrl + F12
Delete Ctrl + Del
Print Ctrl + P


Edit Menu
Undo Crtl + Z
Undo History Shift + Ctrl + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Copy Merged Shift + Ctrl + C
Paste As New Image Ctrl + V
Paste as New Layer Ctrl + L
Paste as New Selection Ctrl + E
Paste as a Transparent Selection Shift + Ctrl + E
Paste into Selection Shift + Ctrl + L
Clear Del


View Menu
Full Screen Edit Shift + A
Full Screen Preview Shift + Ctrl + A
Normal Viewing Ctrl + Alt + N
Image Information Shift + I
Grid Ctrl + Alt + G


Image Menu
Flip Ctrl + I
Mirror Ctrl + M
Rotate Ctrl + R
Crop to Selection Shift + R
Resize Shift + S


Color Menu
Brightness/Contrast Shift + B
Gamma Correction Shift + G
Highlight/Midtone/Shadow Shift + M
Hue/Saturation/Luminescence Shift + H
Red/Green/Blue Shift + U
Colorize Shift + L
Posterize Shift + Z
Edit Palette Shift + P
Load Palette Shift + D


Selection Menu
Select All Ctrl + A
Select None Ctrl + D
From Mask Shift + Ctrl + S
Hide Selection Marquee Shift + Ctrl + M
Invert Shift + Ctrl + I
Promote Layer Shift + Ctrl + P
Float Ctrl + F
Defloat Shift + Ctrl + F


Mask Menu
Hide All Shift + Y
Invert Shift + K
Edit Ctrl + K
View Mask Ctrl + Alt + V


Window Menu
New Window Shift + W
Duplicate Shift + D
Fit to Window Ctrl + W


Layer Menu
Select Current Layer Ctrl +


Capture Menu
Start Capture Shift + C


Tool Palette Tools and Brushes
Zoom    g
Deform    d
Crop    r
Mover    v
Selection    s
Freehand Selection    a
Magic Wand Selection    m
Eye Dropper    y
Paintbrush    b
Clone    n
Color Replacer    ,
Retouch    z
Eraser    e
Picture Tube    .
Airbrush    u
Flood Fill    f
Text    x
Line    i
Shape    /