OS/2 Hotleys - Keyboard Shortcuts

space Select current object
Enter open an object or select a menu entry
Esc Remove window or cancel mouse action
Alt + Esc Switch to next window or full screen session
Ctrl + Esc Display list of open windows
Shift + Esc
Ctrl + space
Display title bar popup menu
Del Delete an object
Home Select first choice
End Select last choice
Alt + backspace Undo
Alt + Shift + Tab Make the desktop active and hide all open windows
F1 Display help
F2 Display general help (help system only)
F3 Either refresh screen or exit (depending on program)
Alt + F4 Close active window
F6 Switch window panel
Alt + F6 Swap between active and help windows
F7 Switch to buttons or back within help and view
Shift + F8 Switch between single and multiple selection
F9 Display keys help (help system only)
Alt + F9 Hide active window
Shift + F9 Edit object title
F10 Switch to menu bar
Alt + F10 Maximize active window
Shift + F10 Display popup menu for selected object
F11 Display help index (help system only)
Alt + Ins Create an object in the clipboard
Ctrl + Ins Copy to the clipboard
Shift + Ins paste from clipboard
Ctrl + \ Deselect all objects
Ctrl + / Select all objects