Nokia E61 Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Nokia Web Browser

Keyboard shortcuts (Press the keys):
1- to open your Bookmarks.
2- to find text.
3- to return to the previous page.
5- to switch between your open browser windows.
8- to open page overview.
9- to go to a different Web page.

R- Bookmarks
T- Find
G- Select window
B- Page overview
N- Current address
M- Home page
U- Zoom in
J- Zoom out

Image viewer

Green Call- To Send the image
0- Zoom out
5- Zoom in.
7- Zoom in. Press twice for the full screen size.
4- Scroll left while in the zoomed image.
2- Scroll up while in the zoomed image.
9- Scroll down while in the zoomed image.
3- Rotate clockwise
1- Rotate counter clockwise
*- Switch between the full screen size and normal view

Music Player

4- Last Track, Press and hold will Rewind
5- Play/Pause
6- Next Track, press and hold will Fast Forward
8- Stop
if you use the joystick, press and hold, on the Last Track button will rewind it, and Next Trackl button will Fast Forward.


2- Play in Full Screen, pressing any key will take you back to normal screen


Pressing and holding the MENU Key will bring out the open application, pressing the delete (<-) will close the application

Secondary Function Lock (Blue Button) + Control Key (Ctrl) will turn ON/OFF Bluetooth

Secondary Function Lock (Blue Button) + Characterl Key (Chr or Car) will turn ON/OFF Infrared