Microsoft Word Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Functional Keys

    Shift Ctrl Ctrl+Shift Alt Alt+Shift
F1 Get Online Help or the Answer Wizard Reveal formatting     Next field Previous field
F2 Move text or graphics Copy text Print Preview command (File menu)     Save command (File menu)
F3 Insert an AutoText entry Change the case of letters Cut to the Spike Insert the contents of the Spike    
F4 Repeat the last action Repeat a Find or Go To action Close the window   Exit  
F5 Carry out the Go To command (Edit menu) Move to a previous revision Restore the window size Edit a bookmark    
F6 Go to next pane Go to the previous pane Go to the next window Go to the previous window    
F7 Carry out the Spelling command (Tools menu) Carry out the Thesaurus command (Tools menu) Carry out the Move command (Control menu) Update linked information in a Word source document Find next misspelling (Automatic Spell Checking enabled)  
F8 Extend a selection Shrink a selection Carry out the Size command (document Control menu) Extend a selection (or block)    
F9 Update selected fields Switch between a field code and its result Insert an empty field Unlink a field Switch between all field codes and all results Run GOTOBUTTON or MACROBUTTON from the field that displays the field results
F10 Activate the menu bar Display a shortcut menu Maximize the document window Activate the ruler Maximize the application window  
F11 Go to the next field Go to the previous field Lock a field Unlock a field    
F12 Carry out the Save As command (File menu) Carry out the Save command (File menu) Carry out the Open command (File menu) Carry out the Print command (File menu)    

All Keys

All Caps Ctrl+Shift+A
Annotation Alt+Ctrl+A
App Maximize Alt+F10
App Restore Alt+F5
Apply Heading1 Alt+Ctrl+1
Apply Heading2 Alt+Ctrl+2
Apply Heading3 Alt+Ctrl+3
Apply List Bullet Ctrl+Shift+L
Auto Format Ctrl+K
Auto Text F3, Alt+Ctrl+V
Bold Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Shift+B
Bookmark Ctrl+Shift+F5
Cancel Esc
Center Para Ctrl+E
Change Case Shift+F3
Char Left ?????
Char Left Extend Shift+Left
Char Right ???????
Char Right Extend Shift+Right
Clear Delete
Close Pane Alt+Shift+C
Column Break Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Column Select Ctrl+Shift+F8
Copy Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert
Copy Format Ctrl+Shift+C
Copy Text Shift+F2
Customize Add Menu Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+=
Customize Keyboard Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+Num +
Customize Remove Menu Shortcut Alt+Ctrl+-
Cut Ctrl+X, Shift+Delete
Date Field Alt+Shift+D
Delete Back Word Ctrl+Backspace
Delete Word Ctrl+Delete
Do Field Click Alt+Shift+F9
Doc Close Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4
Doc Maximize Ctrl+F10
Doc Move Ctrl+F7
Doc Restore Ctrl+F5
Doc Size Ctrl+F8
Doc Split Alt+Ctrl+S
Double Underline Ctrl+Shift+D
End of Column Alt+Page Down, Alt+Shift+Page Down
End of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+End
End of Document Ctrl+End
End of Line End
End of Line Extend Shift+End
End of Row Alt+End, Alt+Shift+End
End of Window Ctrl+Page Down
End of Window Extend Ctrl+Shift+Page Down
Endnote Now Alt+Ctrl+E
Exit Alt+F4
Extend Selection F8
Field Chars Ctrl+F9
Field Codes Alt+F9
Find Ctrl+F
Font Ctrl+D, Ctrl+Shift+F
Font Size Select Ctrl+Shift+P
Footnote Now Alt+Ctrl+F
Go Back Shift+F5, Alt+Ctrl+Z
Go To Ctrl+G, F5
Go to Next Page Alt+Ctrl+Page Down
Go to Previous Page Alt+Ctrl+Page Up
Goto Annotation Scope Alt+F11
Grow Font Ctrl+Shift+.
Grow Font One Point Ctrl+]
Hanging Indent Ctrl+T
Hidden Ctrl+Shift+H
Indent Ctrl+M
Insert Row Alt+R
Italic Ctrl+I, Ctrl+Shift+I
Justify Para Ctrl+J
Left Para Ctrl+L
Line Down Down
Line Down Extend Shift+Down
Line Up Up
Line Up Extend Shift+Up
Lock Fields Ctrl+3, Ctrl+F11
Mail Merge Check Alt+Shift+K
Mail Merge Edit Data Source Alt+Shift+E
Mail Merge to Doc Alt+Shift+N
Mail Merge to Printer Alt+Shift+M
Mark Citation Alt+Shift+I
Mark Table of Contents Entry Alt+Shift+O
Menu Mode F10
Merge Field Alt+Shift+F
Microsoft System Info Alt+Ctrl+F1
Move Text F2
New Ctrl+N
Next Field Alt+F1
Next Misspelling Alt+F7
Next Object Alt+Down
Next Window Ctrl+F6, Alt+F6
Normal Alt+Ctrl+N
Normal Style Ctrl+Shift+N, Alt+Shift+Num 5
Open Ctrl+O, Ctrl+F12, Alt+Ctrl+F2
Open or Close Up Para Ctrl+0
Other Pane F6, Shift+F6
Outline Alt+Ctrl+O
Outline Collapse Alt+Shift+-, Alt+Shift+Num -
Outline Demote Alt+Shift+Right
Outline Expand Alt+Shift+=, Alt+Shift+Num +
Outline Move Down Alt+Shift+Down
Outline Move Up Alt+Shift+Up
Outline Promote Alt+Shift+Left
Outline Show First Line Alt+Shift+L
Overtype Insert
Page Alt+Ctrl+P
Page Break Ctrl+Enter
Page Down Page Down
Page Down Extend Shift+Page Down
Page Field Alt+Shift+P
Page Up Page Up
Page Up Extend Shift+Page Up
Para Down Ctrl+Down
Para Down Extend Ctrl+Shift+Down
Para Up Ctrl+Up
Para Up Extend Ctrl+Shift+Up
Paragraph Ctrl+Q
Paste Shift+Insert, Ctrl+V
Paste Format Ctrl+Shift+V
Prev Field Shift+F11, Alt+Shift+F1
Prev Object Alt+Up
Prev Window Alt+Shift+`
Prev Window Ctrl+Shift+F6, Alt+Shift+F6
Print Ctrl+P, Ctrl+Shift+F12
Print Preview Ctrl+F2, Alt+Ctrl+I
Redo Alt+Shift+Backspace
Redo or Repeat Ctrl+Y, F4, Alt+Enter
Repeat Find Shift+F4, Alt+Ctrl+Y
Replace Ctrl+H
Reset Char Ctrl+Space, Ctrl+Shift+Z
Right Para Ctrl+R
Save Ctrl+S, Shift+F12, Alt+Shift+F2
Save As F12
Select All Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Num 5
Select Table Alt+Num 5
Show All Ctrl+Shift+8
Show All Headings Alt+Shift+A
Show Heading1 Alt+Shift+1
Show Heading2 Alt+Shift+2
Show Heading3 Alt+Shift+3
Show Heading4 Alt+Shift+4
Show Heading5 Alt+Shift+5
Show Heading6 Alt+Shift+6
Show Heading7 Alt+Shift+7
Show Heading8 Alt+Shift+8
Show Heading9 Alt+Shift+9
Shrink Font Ctrl+Shift+,
Shrink Font One Point Ctrl+[
Shrink Selection Shift+F8
Small Caps Ctrl+Shift+K
Space Para1 Ctrl+1
Space Para15 Ctrl+5
Space Para2 Ctrl+2
Spelling F7
Spike Ctrl+Shift+F3
Spike Ctrl+F3
Start of Column Alt+Page Up
Start of Column Alt+Shift+Page Up
Start of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+Home
Start of Document Ctrl+Home
Start of Line Home
Start of Line Extend Shift+Home
Start of Row Alt+Home
Start of Row Alt+Shift+Home
Start of Window Ctrl+Page Up
Start of Window Extend Ctrl+Shift+Page Up
Style Ctrl+Shift+S
Subscript Ctrl+=
Superscript Ctrl+Shift+=
Symbol Font Ctrl+Shift+Q
Thesaurus Shift+F7
Time Field Alt+Shift+T
Toggle Field Display Shift+F9
Toggle Full F11
Tool Shift+F1
Un Hang Ctrl+Shift+T
Un Indent Ctrl+Shift+M
Underline Ctrl+U, Ctrl+Shift+U
Undo Ctrl+Z, Alt+Backspace
Unlink Fields Ctrl+6, Ctrl+Shift+F9
Unlock Fields Ctrl+4, Ctrl+Shift+F11
Update Auto Format Alt+Ctrl+U
Update Fields F9 or Alt+Shift+U
Update Source Ctrl+Shift+F7
Word Left Ctrl+Left, Alt+Left
Word Left Extend Ctrl+Shift+Left
Word Right Ctrl+Right, Alt+Right
Word Right Extend Ctrl+Shift+Right
Word Underline Ctrl+Shift+W