Microsoft Outlook Express Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Print the selected message Ctrl+P
Send and receive mail Ctrl+M
Delete a mail message DEL or Ctrl+D
Open or post a new message Ctrl+N
Open the Address Book Ctrl+SHIFT+B
Reply to the message author Ctrl+R
Forward a message Ctrl+F
Go to your Inbox Ctrl+I
Go to the next message in the list Ctrl+> or Ctrl+SHIFT+>
Go to the previous message in the list Ctrl+< or Ctrl+SHIFT+<
View properties of a selected message ALT+ENTER
View the full source of the message Ctrl+F3
Go to next unread mail message Ctrl+U
Go to a folder Ctrl+Y
Open a selected message Ctrl+O or ENTER
Mark a message as read Ctrl+ENTER or Ctrl+Q
Move between the Folders list (if on), message list, preview pane, and Contacts list (if on) TAB
Mark all news messages as read Ctrl+SHIFT+A
Check spelling F7
Insert signature Ctrl+SHIFT+S
Send (post) a message Ctrl+ENTER or ALT+S