Mercury QuickTest Professional 8.2 Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts


File Menu

New > Test CTRL + N

New > Business Component CTRL + SHIFT + N

New > Scripted Component ALT + SHIFT + N

New > Application Area CTRL +Alt + N

Open > Test CTRL + O

Open > Business Component CTRL + SHIFT + O

Open > Application Area CTRL + ALT + O

Save CTRL + S

Export Test to Zip File CTRL + ALT + S

Import Test from Zip File CTRL + ALT + I

Print CTRL + P

Edit Menu

Cut CTRL + X (EV only)

Copy CTRL + C

Paste CTRL + V

Delete DEL

Undo CTRL + Z (EV only)

Redo CTRL + Y (EV only)

Rename Action F2

Find CTRL + F (EV only)

Replace CTRL + H (EV only)

Go To CTRL + G (EV only)

Bookmarks CTRL + B (EV only)

Complete Word CTRL + Space (EV only)

Argument Info CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE (EV only)

Apply “With” To Script CTRL + W (EV only)

Remove “With” Statements CTRL + SHIFT + W (EV only)

Insert Menu

Checkpoint > Standard



Output Value > Standard Output


CTRL + F12

Step > Step Generator F7

New Step F8 OR INS (KV only)

New Step After Block SHIFT + F8 (KV only)

Key: KV = Keyword View

EV = Expert View

Test/Component/Application Area Menu

Record F3

Run F5

Stop F4

Analog Recording CTRL + SHIFT + F4

Low Level Recording CTRL + SHIFT + F3

Step Menu

Object Properties CTRL + ENTER

Value Configuration Options CTRL + F11 on an input value

(KV only)

Output Options CTRL + F11 on an output value

(KV only)

Debug Menu


Step Into F11

Step Over F10

Step Out SHIFT + F11

Insert/Remove Breakpoint F9

Clear All Breakpoints CTRL + SHIFT + F9

Data Table Options

Edit > Cut CTRL + X

Edit > Copy CTRL + C

Edit > Paste CTRL + V

Edit > Clear > Contents CTRL + DEL

Edit > Insert CTRL + I

Edit > Delete CTRL + K

Edit > Fill Right CTRL + R

Edit > Fill Down CTRL + D

Edit > Find CTRL + F

Edit > Replace CTRL + H

Data > Recalc F9

Insert Multi-line Value CTRL + F2 while editing cell

Activate next/previous sheet CTRL + PAGEUP/


General Options

View Keyword View/Expert View CTRL + TAB

Open context menu for step or Data Table cell SHIFT + F10 or Application key ( )

Expand all branches * [on numeric keypad] (KV only)

Expand branch + [on numeric keypad] (KV only)

Collapse branch - [on numeric keypad] (KV only)