Iris Showcase Keyboard Shortcuts





<Alt>- <Back Space>  



plain text


edit an object


edit an object


edit a 3D model




find/replace again


group objects


ungroup objects

< Alt>-b  

pin and unpin objects


select all objects


go to line if you're editing a text block; go to page if not


cycle through the grid settings


cycle through the rotate snap settings


turn on and off the rotate handles


switch between the 3D manipulators — the bounding box and the trackball


zoom the page down


zoom the page up

<Ctrl>-<middle mouse button>  

zoom the page

<Ctrl>-<Alt>-double click middle mouse button  

zoom the page to 100 percent

<Ctrl>- <left mouse button>  

pan the page

<Ctrl>-double click left mouse button  

center page in window or, if an object is selected, center object in window

<Ctrl>-<Alt>-double click left mouse button  

center page in window, even if an object is selected

<Alt>-<middle mouse button>  

zoom inside of the 3D container

middle mouse button on a wall  

pan or zoom inside of the 3D container

<Alt>- <Page Down>  

add a new page

<Alt>- <Up Arrow>  

pop an object to the top

<Alt>- <Down Arrow>  

push an object to the bottom

<Alt>- <Shift>- <Up Arrow>  

pop an object up one layer

<Alt>-<Shift>-<Down Arrow>  

push an object down one layer


open a new file


open existing file


reopen last file


save a file


save as


quit IRIS Showcase


opens the Print gizmo






duplicate paste




paste style




force a formfeed (moves text to the next linked block)


start a slide show


stop a slide show


stop a hyperscript that is repeating continuously