Internet Download Accelerator Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Enter - press the active button. In the main program window this hot key executes a file if it has been completely downloaded, otherwise opens the download information window;
Esc - close the window;
Ctrl+Alt+S - start all uncompleted downloads;
Ctrl+Alt+P - pause all started downloads;
F1 - show the help system.

Main program window:

Insert/Ctrl+N - add URL;
Ctrl+S - start the selected download(s);
Ctrl+Shift - lets you to force a download to be started from the control panel;
Ctrl+Shift+S (can be changed in the program settings) - force download to start;
Ctrl+P - pause the selected download(s);
Ctrl+C - copy the URL of the selected download or download group;
Ctrl+Shift+C - copy the URL and description of the selected download. Also, it works in the "Add Download" and "Download Information" windows;
F4 - open/close category list;
F5 - open/close download log;
F7 - open FTP Explorer;
Ctrl+H ????? open download history;
Alt+"up arrow" and Alt+"down arrow" - move the selected download(s)/categories along the list;
Alt+Ctrl+Up Arrow and Alt+Ctrl+Down Arrow ????? move to the top and the bottom of the list respectively;
Alt+Enter - open the "Download properties"/"Category properties" window;
Del - delete the selected download(s)/categories from the list;

Ctrl/Shift+Del/mouse click - delete the selected downloads from the list along with the corresponding downloaded files;
Shift+double click - open the folder to which the download is saved;
Ctrl+R - mark as "read";
Ctrl+U - mark as "unread";
Ctrl+A - select all downloads in the list;
Ctrl+M ????? check the MD5 sum of a downloaded file;
Ctrl+F - search in the download list;
F3 - continue search in the download list with the specified parameters;
Ctrl+F3 or Shift+Ctrl+F ????? open the file search window.

Add/edit URL window:

Ctrl+R - Allows you to edit the refferer field manually;
Ctrl+Enter/click - download later;
Shift+Enter/click - schedule and start download;
Alt+Enter/click - add with high priority.

Add multiple URLs window:

Alt+click - select (deselect) all files with the same extension.

IDA-browser window:

F3 or Ctrl+F ????? open the file search window;
Ctrl+F4 ????? close the browser window.