iLife iPhoto Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts


Action Shortcut
Import photos Shift-Command-I


Action Shortcut
Move to the top of the photo library Home
Move to the bottom of the photo library End
Create new album Command-N
Create new album from selection Shift-Command-N
Create new Smart Album Option-Command-N or press the Option key while clicking the Add button
Show or hide titles Shift-Command-T
Show or hide keywords Shift-Command-K
Show or hide film rolls Shift-Command-F
Show or hide all film roll photos Hold down the Option key and click the triangle next to any film roll
Show or hide ratings Shift-Command-R
Set the title, date, or comments of multiple photos Shift-Command-B
Assign, edit, or search by keywords Command-K
Show a photo?????s image and camera information Command-I
Duplicate a photo Command-D
Cut photo Command-X
Copy photo Command-C
Paste photo Command-V
Move photo to Trash from the photo library, or remove photo from album Delete
Move photo to Trash from album Command-Option-Delete
Open photo in its own window or in edit view (depends on the double-click preference you set) Double-click the photo
Reverse double-click preference when opening a photo Option-double-click the photo

Selecting and deselecting photos

Action Shortcut
Select a single photo Click the photo
Select all photos Command-A
Select all photos between the current selection and a non-adjacent photo Hold down the Shift key and click the non-adjacent photo
Select photos that are non-adjacent to each other Select the first photo, then hold down the Command key and click additional photos
Select several photos located together Click outside the photos and drag to enclose them within the selection rectangle
Select all photos in a film roll Click the film roll icon
Deselect specific photos in a group of selected photos Hold down the Command key and click the photos you want to deselect
Deselect all photos Shift-Command-A or click outside a photo

Rating photos

Action Shortcut
Assign zero stars to a photo Command-0
Assign one star to a photo Command-1
Assign two stars to a photo Command-2
Assign three stars to a photo Command-3
Assign four stars to a photo Command-4
Assign five stars to a photo Command-5


Action Shortcut
Stop a slideshow Press the mouse button
Pause and resume playing Press the Space bar
Adjust the speed Use the Up and Down Arrow keys
Move through a slideshow manually Use the Right and Left Arrow keys
Rate photos Press 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5


Action Shortcut
Rotate photo clockwise Command-R
Rotate photo counter clockwise Option-Command-R or press the Option key while clicking the Rotate button
Go to next photo Press the Right Arrow key
Go to previous photo Press the Left Arrow key
Disable constrain setting when selecting an area Press the Command key while dragging
Switch between portrait and landscape constrain setting when selecting an area Press the Option key while dragging
Return to organize view Double-click the photo
Undo last action Command-Z
Redo last action Shift-Command-Z


Action Shortcut
Apply a page design through the end of a book Select the first page you want changed and press the Option key when choosing a design from the Page Design pop-up menu
Show fonts Command-T
Copy font Command-3
Paste font Command-4
Spelling Command-: (colon)

Book preview

Action Shortcut
Move forward one page Press the Right Arrow key
Move back one page Press the Left Arrow key


Action Shortcut
Print Command-P
Page setup Shift-Command-P


Action Shortcut
Show preferences Command-, (comma)
iPhoto Help Command-?
Close window Command-W
Minimize window Command-M
Hide iPhoto Command-H
Quit iPhoto Command-Q