ICQ Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Activate ICQ

Activate and Deactivate User Window

Control + Shift + A

Simulate Double Clicking on System Tray

Control + Shift + I

ICQ Utilities

Create an ICQ Note

Control + Shift + N

Activate Web "blue"

Control + Shift + S

Copy Browser?????s URL to "blue" Edit Field

Control + Shift + D

Check for New Email

Control + Shift + C

Send Email

Control + Shift + E

Advanced Find

Control + Shift + F

Bring ICQ Notes to Front

Control + Shift + M

"blue" for User in Contact List

Control + Shift + F3

Create a New Reminder

Control + Shift + R

Rename a Contact

Use Arrow Key to locate contact, press F2 and then type the new name for the contact, press Enter to complete the function.

ICQ Help

Control + Shift + F1

Send a URL to a contact

Control + Shift + F6

User Menu Selection

Control + Shift + F10

Close ICQ

Control + Shift + I and then Alt + F4

Send ICQ Message

Open ICQ Message Form

Press Enter on the Contact Name and type message

Send ICQ Message

Control + Enter or Alt + S

Recieve ICQ Message

Receive incoming message

Control + Shift + I

Reading multiple messages

Use the tab key to locate ???read next??? button and press the spacebar

Read Message History

Reading History from within Message form

Tab to History button and press the spacebar, then press the tab key and use arrow keys to read the history

Access ICQ Menu

Access ICQ Menus

From System tray Menu (insert + f11 in JFW, Insert + S in Window Eyes), single right click the ICQ option.

Select Status

Use the Down Arrow to move to ???Status??? and press enter.???? Use the Up and Down Arrow Keys to make your selection and press enter.

Set Window Alerts

Use the Down Arrow key to move to ???alerts??? and press Enter.???? Use your Up and Down Arrow Keys to make your configurations and selections.

Accessing other options of ICQ

Use the Up and Down Arrows to find the desired option and press enter to open the associated submenu.