Heroes of Might and Magic V Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

See also: Heroes of Might and Magic IV Hotkeys


camera zoom - 'PG_DOWN' or mouse wheel
camera zoom + 'PG_UP' or mouse wheel
camera forward 'UP'
camera forward 'DOWN'
camera strafe right 'RIGHT'
camera strafe Light 'LEFT'
camera pitch up 'CTRL' + 'UP'
camera pitch down 'CTRL' + 'DOWN'
camera rotate right 'CTRL' + 'RIGHT' or 'DELETE'
camera rotate left 'CTRL' + 'LEFT' or 'INSERT'
camera default 'HOME'


cancel action/close window 'ESC'
confirmation 'ENTER' or 'NUM_ENTER'
pause 'PAUSE'
screenshot 'PrintScreen'


save 'F5'
quick save 'F6'
load 'F8'
quick load 'F9'


game options 'F4'
esc menu 'ESC' or 'F10'
move hero 'M' or 'SPACE'
next hero 'N' OR 'TAB'
select hero 1-8 '1' - '8'
dig 'G' or 'D'
spellbook 'C'
end of turn 'ENTER' or 'NUM_ENTER' or 'E'
hero attributes 'A'
hero equipment 'I'
hero skills 'K'
hero abilities 'V'
hero biography 'H'
surface/underground 'T' or 'U'
objectives 'O' or 'Q'
objectives log 'L'
puzzle map 'P'
chat 'BACKSPACE' or 'CTRL' + 'ENTER' or 'CTRL' + 'NUM_ENTER'
chat to all 'CTRL' + 'A'
chat to team 'CTRL' + 'T'
chat to race 'CTRL' + 'R'


town hall 'B'
fort 'R'
magic guild 'G'
tavern 'T'
market 'M'
racial building 'Q'
blacksmith 'X'
buy artifacts 'Y'
shipyard 'Z'
next town 'N'
previous town 'P'
upgrade creatures 'U'
split creatures 'SHIFT' + drag creature


defend 'D'
wait 'W'
auto combat 'A' or 'V'
retreat 'R'
cast 'C' or 'S'
autoplace army 'A' or 'V'
melee attack for shooters 'CTRL'
switch turn order bar / combat log 'TAB'