Google Earth Flight Simulator (Easter Egg) Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Windows/Linux Mac Result or Comment
  Exit flight simulator Ctrl + Alt + A, Escape Command/Open Apple Key+ Option + A, Escape  
  Open flight simulator options Ctrl + Alt + A Command/Open Apple Key + Option + A  
  Rotate pilot viewpoint Arrow keys + Alt (slow) or Ctrl (fast) Arrow keys + Alt (slow) or Ctrl (fast)  
  Display flight simulator help Ctrl + H -  
  Increase thrust Page Up Page Up  
  Reduce thrust Page Down Page Down  
  Aileron left Left arrow Left arrow  
  Aileron right Right arrow Right arrow  
  Elevator push Up arrow Up arrow  
  Elevator pull Down arrow Down arrow down  
  Rudder left Insert Shift + left arrow  
  Rudder right Enter (numeric keypad) Enter (numeric keypad)  
  Rudder left Shift + left arrow Shift + left arrow  
  Rudder right Shift + right arrow Shift + right arrow  
  Elevator trim nose down Home Home  
  Elevator trim nose up End End  
  Elevator trim nose down Shift + up arrow Shift + up arrow  
  Elevator trim nose up Shift + down arrow Shift + down arrow  
  Reduce flap setting Left bracket Left bracket  
  Increase flap setting Right bracket Right bracket  
  Reduce flap setting Shift + F Shift + F  
  Increase flap setting F F  
  Center aileron and rudder 5 5  
  Center aileron and rudder C C  
  Extend/retract landing gear G G  
  Left wheel brake , (comma) , (comma)  
  Right wheel brake . (period) . (period)  
  Pause simulation Space Space  
  Toggle HUD H H