Fruity Loops, FL Studio Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

File Operations

Ctrl+O Open File
Ctrl+S Save File
Ctrl+N Save New Version
Ctrl+Shift+S Save As...
Ctrl+R Export Wave File
Ctrl+Shift+R Export MP3 File
Ctrl+Shift+M Export MIDI File
Alt+0,1..9 Open Recent Files 0..9
Ctrl+Shift+H (Re)arrange windows

Pattern Selector (Numpad)

1..9 Select Patterns 1..9
+ Next Pattern
- Previous Pattern
Right Arrow Next Pattern
Left Arrow Previous Pattern
F4 Next Empty Pattern

Channel Window & Step Sequencer

1...9, 0 Mute/Umute First 10 Channels
Ctrl+1..9,0 Solo/UnSolo First 10 Channels
Up Arrow Select Previous Channel
Down Arrow Next Channel
Ctrl+Del Delete Selected Channel(s)
Alt+G Group Selected Channels
Alt+Z Zip Selected Channel(s)
Alt+U Unzip Selected Channel(s)
Alt+Up Arrow Move Selected Channel(s) Up
Alt+Down Arrow Move Selected Channel(s) Down
Page Up Next Channel Group
Page Down Previous Channel Group
Ctrl+X Cut Channel Steps/Score
Ctrl+C Copy Channel Steps/Score
Ctrl+V Paste Channel Steps/Score
Ctrl+Shift+C Clone Channel(s)
Shift+Left Arrow Shift Steps Left
Shift+Right Arrow Shift Steps Right
Alt+R Randomize
Alt+P Send to Piano Roll
K Show Keyboard Editor
G Show Graph Editor
Alt+C Color Selected Channel
Ctrl+Alt+C Gradient Color Selected Channels

Record / Playback / Transport

BackSpace Toggle Line/None Snap
Space Start/Stop Playback
L Switch Pattern/Song Mode
R Switch On/Off Recording (This also works
during playback)
0 (NumPad) Fast Forward
/ (NumPad) Previous Bar (Song Mode)
* (NumPad) Next Bar (Song Mode)
Ctrl+E Toggle Step Edit Mode
Ctrl+H Stop Sound (Panic)
Ctrl+T Toggle Typing Keypad to Piano Keypad
Ctrl+B Toggle Blend Notes
Ctrl+Shift+M Toggle Metronome
Ctrl+P Toggle Recording Metronome Precount
Ctrl+I Toggle Wait for Input to Start Recording
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Window Navigation

Tab Cycle Nested Windows
Enter Toggle Max/Min Playlist
Esc Closes a Window
F1 This Help
F5 Toggle Playlist
F6 Toggle Step Sequencer
F7 Toggle Piano Roll
F8 Shows/Hides Sample Browser
F9 Shows/Hides Mixer
F10 Shows/Hides MIDI Settings
F11 Shows/Hides Song Info Window
F12 Close All Windows
Ctrl+Shift+H Arrange Windows


Alt+Left-Arrow /
Move selected Mixer Track Left/Right
Alt+L Select the Channels Linked to the Selected
Mixer Track
Ctrl+L Link Selected Channels to Selected Mixer
Shift+Ctrl+L Link Selected Channels STARTING From
Selected Mixer Track
F2 Rename Selected Mixer Track
S Solo Current Track
Alt+S Alt Solo - Activate Current Track and all
Tracks Routed TO/FROM It
Alt+R Render Armed Tracks to WAV


Shift+Ctrl+Ins Insert Pattern (Before Selected Pattern)
Shift+Left-click And Drag to Clone Slected Pattern/s
Shift+Ctrl+Del Delete Selected Pattern
Shift+Ctrl+C Clone Selected Pattern
Alt+Up Arrow Move Selected Pattern Up
Alt+Down Arrow Move Selected Pattern Down
Alt+G Grid Color
Alt+C Color Selected
Al+P Edit Selected Pattern in Piano Roll
Alt+Q Quick Quantize
Ctrl+A Select All
0 (zero) Center Playback To Playing Position
Alt+F Clips Flat Display
Ctrl+Alt+F Clips Glass Effect
Alt+/* and
Jump to Next/Previous Song Marker (If

Piano Roll

Shift+Left-click And Drag to Clone Slected Note/s
Alt+V Switch Ghost Channels ON/OFF
Ctrlt+Q Quick Quantize
Alt+Q Quantize
Alt+B View Note Helpers
Ctrl+M Import MIDI File
Ctrl+A Select All
Alt+C Change Color of Selected Note/s