Flock Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts


Back  Alt left arrow
Caret browsing  F7
Change tabs  Ctrl Tab (Cmd Option left/right on Mac)
Close tab  Ctrl W
Close window  Ctrl W
Complete .com address  Ctrl Return
Complete .net address  Shift Return
Complete .org address  Ctrl Shift Return
Copy  Ctrl C
Create new collection  
(in favorites manager)  Ctrl Shift N
Cut  Ctrl X
Decrease text size  Ctrl -
Delete selected autocomplete entry  Shift Del
Downloads  Ctrl J
Find (in page)  Ctrl F
Find again  F3 or Ctrl G
Find previous  Shift F3 or
Ctrl Shift G  
Forward  Alt right arrow
Increase text size  Ctrl +
New tab  Ctrl T
New window  Ctrl N
Open accounts and services  Ctrl Shift A
Open blog editor  Ctrl Shift B
Open blog post  Ctrl Shift O
Open favorites  Ctrl Shift F
Open file   Ctrl O
Open mediabar  Ctrl Shift M
Open news feeds  Ctrl Shift N
Open in new tab  Option Return
Open properties dialog  
(for selected favorite in favorites manager)  Ctrl I
Open uploader  Ctrl Shift U
Open web clipboard  Ctrl Shift C
Page info  Ctrl I
Page source  Ctrl U
Paste  Ctrl V
Print  Ctrl P
Redo (after Undo)  Ctrl Shift Z
Reload  F5 or Ctrl R
Reload (override cache)  Ctrl F5 or
Ctrl Shift R  
Restore text size  Ctrl 0
Save page  Ctrl S
Select all  Ctrl A
Select location bar  F6 or Ctrl L
Select tab (1 to 9)  Ctrl 1, Ctrl 2, etc.
Star current page  Ctrl D
Star and tag  Ctrl Shift D
Stop  Esc
Topbar menu  Ctrl Shift T
Undo  Ctrl Z
Web search  Ctrl K

Mouse Shortcuts


Back   Shift + scroll down
Close tab  Middle click on tab
Decrease text size  Cmd + scroll down
Forward  Shift + scroll up
History (session)  Right click on Back button
On Mac, click and hold  
Increase text size  Cmd + scroll up
New tab   Double click on tab bar
Open in background tab  Point to link; Cmd + left click or middle click
Open in foreground tab  Point to link; Cmd Shift+ left click or Shift + middle click
Open in new window  Point to link; Shift + left click
Save page as  Point to link; Option + left click
Scroll line by line  Option + Scroll