Flashgot hotkeys

  1. FlashGot Link (contextual menu or Ctrl-F1 or Alt+Click on a link) - downloads through the default download manager the link under the mouse pointer.
  2. FlashGot Selection (menu or Ctrl-F2 or Alt+Click with an active selection) - catches links in hilighted text/images, attempting also pure text to anchors conversion. It performs some "smart" replacement too, like turning "hxxp://" into "http://".
  3. FlashGot All (menu or Ctrl-F3) - grabs all the links found in the current page and dispatches them to the default download manager, which could offer an easy interface* to filter and select the file that will be downloaded in a batch.
    * built-in filter dialog is provided by every Windows download manager except GetRight. On Linux, your best option is Downloader 4 X 2.5.4 or above. An emulated FlashGot filter dialog will be included in 0.6 release, being needed for GetRight, Linux and Mac OS X users.
  4. FlashGot Tabs (menu or Ctrl-F6) - performs a "FlashGot All" on every tab open in the current window. Notice that this command is hidden by default from the context menu: you can show it using the Menu options.
  5. Alt+Click = FlashGot enables Alt+Click quick trigger for "FlashGot Link" and "FlashGot Selection"
  6. Alt+Shift+Click = NO FlashGot allows you to use this keyboard shortcut when you want to bypass FlashGot and force using Firefox built-in behaviour for a file which would trigger automatic download according to your download options.