Eudora Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Cmd + 0 (zero)

Opens Out mailbox

Cmd + 1

Opens In mailbox

Cmd + 6

Checks spelling

Cmd + * Opt + 6

Find next misspelling

Cmd + Shift + Opt + 6

Add to dictionary

Cmd + '

Add excerpt bar to quote

Cmd + Opt + '

Remove excerpt bar from quote

Cmd + . (period)

Stops the current action

Cmd + , (comma)

Finishes address book entry (nickname)

Cmd + [

Lower priority

Cmd + ]

Raise priority

Cmd + A

Selects all

Cmd + B

Makes text bold

Cmd + C

Copies selection to clipboard

Cmd + D

Deletes a message

Cmd + E

Sends immediately or queue for delivery

Cmd + F

Opens Find Messages window

Cmd + Opt + F

Opens Find Text dialog box

Cmd + G

Find again

Cmd + H

Attaches file

Cmd + I

Makes text italic

Cmd + J

Filters messages

Cmd + K

Makes address book entry (nickname)

Cmd + L

Opens address book

Cmd + M

Checks mail

Cmd + N

Opens a new message

Cmd + O (letter O)

Opens file

Cmd + P

Prints a message

Cmd + Q

Quits Eudora

Cmd + R

Replies to the message

Cmd + S

Saves current window

Cmd + T

Makes the selected text plain

Cmd + U

Underlines text

Cmd + V

Pastes from the clipboard

Cmd + W

Closes one mailbox at a time (message or windows)

Cmd + X

Cuts (deletes what's selected and puts it on the clipboard)

Cmd + Y

Opens Directory Services

Cmd + Z


Cmd + Tab

Goes through all open mailboxes

Cmd + Arrows

Moves from one file to another in the Address Book


Moves from one message to another in a mailbox


Selects the outlined button in any dialog, alert, or window, or open the selected messages or URL


Stops any operation currently in progress









Page Up, Page Down

Scrolls up or down through the window


Scrolls to the beginning of the mailbox window or to the beginning of the line in a message


Scrolls to the end of the mailbox window or to the end of the line in a message