Eclipse Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts


Content Assist                          Alt+/         In Dialogs and Windows

Context Information                   Alt+?                        In Windows

Context Information                   Shift+Alt+? In Windows

Context Information                   Shift+Ctrl+Space        In Windows

Copy                                        Alt+W       In Dialogs and Windows

Copy                                        Ctrl+C       In Dialogs and Windows

Copy                                        Ctrl+Insert In Dialogs and Windows

Copy                                        Esc W      In Dialogs and Windows

Cut                                          Ctrl+W      In Dialogs and Windows

Cut                                          Ctrl+X       In Dialogs and Windows

Cut                                          Shift+Del   In Dialogs and Windows

Delete                                      Delete                      In Windows

Find Previous                            Shift+Ctrl+K               Editing Text

Find and Replace                       Alt+R                        In Windows

Find and Replace                       Esc R                       In Windows

Incremental Find                        Ctrl+J                       Editing Text

Incremental Find                        Ctrl+S                       Editing Text

Incremental Find Reverse           Ctrl+R                      Editing Text

Incremental Find Reverse           Shift+Ctrl+J               Editing Text

Paste                                       Ctrl+Y       In Dialogs and Windows

Paste                                       Shift+Ins   In Dialogs and Windows

Quick Diff Toggle                       Shift+Ctrl+Q              Editing Text

Quick Fix                                  Ctrl+1                       In Windows

Redo                                        Ctrl+X R                   In Windows

Redo                                        F10                          In Windows

Redo                                        Shift+Ctrl++               In Windows

Restore Last Selection               Shift+Alt+Down          Editing Java Source

Select All                                  Ctrl+X H    In Dialogs and Windows

Select Enclosing Element            Shift+Alt+Up              Editing Java Source

Select Next Element                   Shift+Alt+Right           Editing Java Source

Select Previous Element             Shift+Alt+Left             Editing Java Source

Show Tooltip Description             F2                            Editing Java Source

Toggle Insert Mode                    Shift+Ctrl+Insert         Editing Text

Undo                                        Ctrl+X U                   In Windows

Undo                                        F9                            In Windows

Undo                                        Shift+Ctrl+-                In Windows


Close                                       Ctrl+F4                     In Windows

Close                                       Ctrl+X K                    In Windows

Close All                                   Ctrl+X Ctrl+C             In Windows

Close All                                   Shift+Ctrl+F4             In Windows

Close All                                   Shift+Ctrl+W              In Windows

New menu                                Shift+Alt+N                In Windows

Print                                         Alt+F9                      In Windows

Print                                         Esc F9                     In Windows

Properties                                 Alt+Enter                   In Windows

Refresh                                    F5                            In Windows

Rename                                   F2                            In Windows

Save                                        Ctrl+X Ctrl+S             In Windows

Save All                                    Ctrl+X S                    In Windows

Save All                                    Shift+Ctrl+S               In Windows



Backward History                      Alt+Left                     In Windows

Forward History                         Alt+Right                   In Windows

Go to Line                                 Ctrl+L                       Editing Text

Go to Line                                 Ctrl+X G                   Editing Text

Go to Matching Bracket              Shift+Ctrl+P               Editing Java Source

Go to Next Member                   Shift+Ctrl+Down         Editing Java Source

Go to Previous Member              Shift+Ctrl+Up             Editing Java Source

Last Edit Location                      Ctrl+Q                      In Windows

Next                                        Ctrl+.                        In Windows

Open Call Hierarchy                   Ctrl+Alt+H                 In Windows

Open Declaration                       F3                            In Windows

Open External Javadoc               Shift+F2                    In Windows

Open Resource                         Shift+Ctrl+R              In Windows

Open Structure                          Ctrl+F3                     Editing Java Source

Open Type                                Shift+Ctrl+T               In Windows

Open Type Hierarchy                  F4                            In Windows

Open Type in Hierarchy              Shift+Ctrl+H              In Windows

Previous                                   Ctrl+                         In Windows

Quick Hierarchy                         Ctrl+T                       Editing Java Source

Quick Outline                            Ctrl+O                      Editing Java Source

Show In menu                           Shift+Alt+W               In Windows


Refactor - Java

Change Method Signature           Shift+Alt+C                In Windows

Convert Local Variable to Field    Shift+Alt+F                Editing Java Source

Extract Local Variable                 Shift+Alt+L In Windows

Extract Method                          Shift+Alt+M               In Windows

Inline                                        Shift+Alt+I                 In Windows

Move - Refactoring                    Shift+Alt+V                In Windows

Redo - Refactoring                     Shift+Alt+Y                In Windows

Rename - Refactoring                Shift+Alt+R                In Windows

Show Refactor Quick Menu         Shift+Alt+T In Windows

Undo - Refactoring                     Shift+Alt+Z                In Windows



Debug Ant Build                         Shift+Alt+D Q            In Windows

Debug Eclipse Application           Shift+Alt+D E             In Windows

Debug JUnit Plug-in Test            Shift+Alt+D P             In Windows

Debug JUnit Test                       Shift+Alt+D T             In Windows

Debug Java Applet                     Shift+Alt+D A             In Windows

Debug Java Application              Shift+Alt+D J             In Windows

Debug Last Launched                 F11                          In Windows

Debug SWT Application              Shift+Alt+D S             In Windows

Display                                     Shift+Ctrl+D              In Dialogs&Windows

Display                                     Shift+Ctrl+V               In Dialogs&Windows

Execute                                    Ctrl+U                      In Windows

Inspect                                     Shift+Ctrl+I                In Dialogs&Windows

Resume                                   F8                            Debugging

Run Ant Build                            Shift+Alt+X Q             In Windows

Run Eclipse Application              Shift+Alt+X E             In Windows

Run JUnit Plug-in Test                Shift+Alt+X P             In Windows

Run JUnit Test                          Shift+Alt+X T             In Windows

Run Java Applet                        Shift+Alt+X A             In Windows

Run Java Application                  Shift+Alt+X J             In Windows

Run Last Launched                    Ctrl+F11                   In Windows

Run SWT Application                  Shift+Alt+X S             In Windows

Step Into                                  F5                            Debugging

Step Into Selection                     Ctrl+F5                     Debugging

Step Over                                 F6                            Debugging

Step Return                              F7                            Debugging

Toggle Line Breakpoint                Shift+Ctrl+B               In Windows

Toggle Step Filters                     Shift+F5                    In Windows



Open Search Dialog                   Ctrl+H                      In Windows

References in Workspace           Shift+Ctrl+G              In Windows

Show Occurrences in File Quick Menu         Shift+Ctrl+U In Windows


Add Block Comment                  Shift+Ctrl+/                Editing Java Source

Add Import                                               Shift+Ctrl+M              Editing Java Source

Add Javadoc Comment              Shift+Alt+J In Windows

Format                                     Esc Ctrl+F                Editing Java Source

Format                                     Shift+Ctrl+F               Editing Ant Buildfiles

Indent Line                                               Ctrl+I                        Editing Java Source

Open External Documentation     Shift+F2                    Editing Ant Buildfiles

Organize Imports                       Shift+Ctrl+O              In Windows

Quick Assist - Assign to field       Ctrl+2 F                    Editing Java Source

Quick Assist - Assign to local variable Ctrl+2 L              Editing Java Source

Quick Assist - Rename in file      Ctrl+2 R                    Editing Java Source

Remove Block Comment            Shift+Ctrl+\                Editing Java Source

Remove Occurrence Annotations Shift+Alt+U                Editing Java Source

Rename In File                          Shift+Alt+R                Editing Ant Buildfiles

Show Source Quick Menu           Shift+Alt+S                In Windows

Show Tooltip Description             F2                            Editing Ant Buildfiles

Toggle Ant Mark Occurrences      Shift+Alt+O                Editing Ant Buildfiles

Toggle Comment                       Ctrl+/                        Editing Java Source

Toggle Comment                       Ctrl+7                       Editing Java Source

Toggle Comment                       Esc Ctrl+C                Editing Java Source

Toggle Mark Occurrences           Shift+Alt+O                Editing Java Source

Text Editing

Clear Mark                                               Ctrl+G                      Editing Text

Collapse                                   Ctrl+Numpad_SubtractEditing Text

Copy Lines                                               Ctrl+Alt+Down           Editing Text

Cut to Beginning of Line              Alt+0 Ctrl+K               Editing Text

Cut to Beginning of Line              Esc 0 Ctrl+K              Editing Text

Cut to End of Line                      Ctrl+K                       Editing Text

Delete Next                              Ctrl+D                      Editing Text

Delete Next Word                      Alt+D                        Editing Text

Delete Next Word                      Ctrl+Delete                Editing Text

Delete Next Word                      Esc D                       Editing Text

Delete Previous Word                 Alt+Backspace           Editing Text

Delete Previous Word                 Ctrl+Backspace         Editing Text

Delete Previous Word                 Esc Backspace          Editing Text

Delete to End of Line                  Shift+Ctrl+Delete        Editing Text

Duplicate Lines                          Ctrl+Alt+Up               Editing Text

Expand                                     Ctrl+Numpad_Add      Editing Text

Expand All                                Ctrl+Numpad_Multiply Editing Text

Insert Line Above Current Line     Shift+Ctrl+Enter         Editing Text

Insert Line Below Current Line     Shift+Enter                Editing Text

Line Down                                Ctrl+N                      Editing Text

Line End                                   Ctrl+E                       Editing Text

Line Start                                  Ctrl+A                       Editing Text

Line Up                                    Ctrl+P                       Editing Text

Move Lines Down                      Alt+Down                  Editing Text

Move Lines Up                          Alt+Up                      Editing Text

Next Column                             Ctrl+F                       Editing Text

Next Word                                Alt+F                        Editing Text

Next Word                                Ctrl+Right                 Editing Text

Next Word                                Esc F                       Editing Text

Page Down                               Ctrl+V                       Editing Text

Page Up                                   Alt+V                        Editing Text

Page Up                                   Esc V                       Editing Text

Previous Column                       Ctrl+B                       Editing Text

Previous Word                           Alt+B                        Editing Text

Previous Word                           Ctrl+Left                   Editing Text

Previous Word                           Esc B                       Editing Text

Scroll Line Down                        Ctrl+Down                 Editing Text

Scroll Line Down                        Ctrl+Z                       Editing Text

Scroll Line Up                            Alt+Z                        Editing Text

Scroll Line Up                            Ctrl+Up                     Editing Text