Diagram Studio Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts


Default keys:


FileCloseDiagram                -                       Close the active document
FileCloseLibrary                -                       Close the active library
FileDocumentProperties...       -                       Show document properties
FileExit                        -                       Quit the application; prompts to save documents
FileExportGraphicFile...        -                       Export the current diagram to a graphic file
FileExportPDF...                -                       Export the current diagram to a PDF-file
FileExportWebPage...            -                       Export the current diagram to a Web page
FileNewDiagram                  Ctrl+N                  Create a new document
FileNewFromTemplate...          -                       Create new diagram, by choosing a specific template
FileNewLibrary                  Ctrl+Shift+N            Create a new library
FileOpenDiagram...              Ctrl+O                  Open an existing document
FileOpenLibrary...              Ctrl+Shift+O            Open an existing library
FilePageSetup                   -                       Change the printing options
FilePrint...                    Ctrl+P                  Print the active drawing.
FilePrintPreview                -                       Display full pages
FilePrintSetup...               -                       Change the printer and printing options
FileSave                        Ctrl+S                  Save the active drawing.
FileSaveAs...                   -                       Save the active document with a new name
FileSend...                     -                       Sends the document through electronic mail


EditCopy                        Ctrl+C; Ctrl+Insert     Copy the selection and put it on the Clipboard
EditCut                         Shift+Delete; Ctrl+X    Cut the selection and put it on the Clipboard
EditDelete                      Delete                  Erase the selection
EditDuplicate                   Ctrl+D                  Duplicate the selected object(s).
EditFind                        -                       Find the specified text
EditLinks...                    -                       Edit linked objects
EditObject...                   -                       Activates embedded or linked object
EditPaste                       Ctrl+V; Shift+Insert    Insert Clipboard contents
EditPasteSpecial...             -                       Insert Clipboard contents with options
EditPicture...                  -                       Edit the selected picture
EditRedo                        -                       Redo the previously undone action
EditSelectAll                   -                       Select the entire document
EditUndo                        Alt+Backspace; Ctrl+Z   Undo the last action


ViewFullScreen                  F12                     Switch between normal view mode and maximized viewing area mode
ViewGrid                        -                       Toggle the display of grid on/of
ViewPageBreaks                  -                       Toggle the display of page breaks on/of
ViewProperties                  Alt+Enter               Show properties
ViewRefresh                     F5                      Refreshes the selection
ViewRulers                      -                       Toggle the display of rulers on/of
ViewSnapPoints                  -                       Toggle the display of connection points on/of
ViewStatusBar                   -                       Show or hide the status bar
ViewWindowsGetStarted           Alt+5                   Toggle the display of the Get Started window on/of
ViewWindowsLibraryBar           Alt+1                   Toggle the display of the Libraries window on/of
ViewWindowsObjectExplorer       Alt+2                   Toggle the display of the Object Explorer window on/of
ViewWindowsPanZoom              Alt+3                   Toggle the display of the Pan & Zoom window on/of
ViewWindowsPropertiesBar        Alt+6                   Toggle the display of the Properties Bar window on/of
ViewWindowsTaskList             Alt+4                   Toggle the display of the Task List window on/of
ViewZoomCustom                  -                       Zoom percentage
ViewZoomIn                      -                       Zoom in 100%
ViewZoomNormalSize              Ctrl+I                  Zoom to normal size
ViewZoomOut                     -                       Zoom out 100%
ViewZoomToFit                   -                       Zoom so that all objects are visible.
ViewZoomToSelection             -                       Zoom so that selected objects are visible.


InsertText                      Ctrl+8                  Insert a text object into your drawing.
InsertShapeRectangle            Ctrl+4                  Draw a rectangle
InsertShapePoligon              Ctrl+6                  Draw a polygon
InsertShapeEllipse              Ctrl+5                  Draw a ellipse
InsertShapeClosedCurve          Ctrl+7                  Draw a closed curve
InsertPictureNew...             -                       Draw a picture and insert into your drawing.
InsertPictureFromScaner...      -                       Imports an image from an external device
InsertPictureFromFile...        Ctrl+9                  Insert a picture from a file into your drawing.
InsertObject...                 -                       Insert a OLE object into your drawing.
InsertLinePolyline              Ctrl+2                  Drawing a polyline
InsertLineLine                  Ctrl+1                  Drawing a single line
InsertLineCurve                 Ctrl+3                  Draw a curve
InsertLabel                     Ctrl+0                  Insert a text label
InsertConnectionSnapPoint       Ctrl+Shift+4            Snap point tool
InsertConnectionLineConnector   Ctrl+Shift+1            Line connector tool
InsertConnectionDynamicConnector        Ctrl+Shift+2            Dynamic connector tool
InsertConnectionCurveConnector  Ctrl+Shift+3            Curve connector tool


FormatText...                   Ctrl+Shift+T            Set the text properties of selected object(s)
FormatStylesheet...             -                       Create, remove, and edit style difinition
FormatLine...                   Ctrl+Shift+L            Set the line properties of selected component(s)
FormatLayersheet...             -                       Create, remove, and edit layer difinition
FormatGeneral...                Ctrl+Shift+G            Set the general properties of selected object(s)
FormatFill...                   Ctrl+Shift+F            Set the fill properties of selected object(s)


LayoutSpaceEvenlyDown           Alt+Up                  Evenly space selected objects vertically
LayoutSpaceEvenlyAcross         Alt+Right               Evenly space selected objects horizontally
LayoutSnapToGrid                Alt+F9                  Snap object to grid
LayoutPlacementSetBackground    -                       Set the selected shape(s) as background of the drawing.
LayoutPlacementSendToBack       Ctrl+Page down          Send selected object(s) to back of drawing order
LayoutPlacementSendBackward     Shift+Page down         Send selected object(s) backward in drawing order
LayoutPlacementClearBackground  -                       Clear the  background of the drawing.
LayoutPlacementBringToFront     Ctrl+Page up            Bring selected object(s) to front of drawing order
LayoutPlacementBringForward     Shift+Page up           Bring selected object(s) forward in drawing order
LayoutNudgeTop                  Up                      Nudge the selected object(s) to top.
LayoutNudgeRight                Right                   Nudge the selected object(s) to right.
LayoutNudgeLeft                 Left                    Nudge the selected object(s) to left.
LayoutNudgeBottom               Down                    Nudge the selected object(s) to bottom.
LayoutMakeSameSizeWidth         -                       Resize selected objects to have the same width as the dominant object
LayoutMakeSameSizeHeight        -                       Resize selected objects to have the same height as the dominant object
LayoutMakeSameSizeBoth          -                       Resize selected objects to have the same size as the dominant object
LayoutGroupingUngroup           Ctrl+U                  Ungroup selected group(s)
LayoutGroupingGroup             Ctrl+G                  Group selected objects
LayoutFlipAndRotateRotateRight  Ctrl+R                  Rotate the selected object(s) 90 degrees clockwise.
LayoutFlipAndRotateRotateLeft   Ctrl+L                  Rotate the selected object(s) 90 degrees counterclockwise.
LayoutFlipAndRotateFlipVertical Ctrl+J                  Flip the selected object(s) about their vertical axis.
LayoutFlipAndRotateFlipHorizontal       Ctrl+H                  Flip the selected object(s) about their horizontal axis.
LayoutAngleSnap                 -                       Snap object to 15 degree angle increments
LayoutAlignVert.Center          Shift+F9                Align vertical centers of the selected objects with the dominant object
LayoutAlignTop                  Ctrl+Up                 Align top edges of the selected objects with the dominant object
LayoutAlignRight                Ctrl+Right              Align right edges of the selected objects with the dominant object
LayoutAlignLeft                 Ctrl+Left               Align left edges of the selected objects with the dominant object
LayoutAlignHoriz.Center         F9                      Align horizontal centers of the selected objects with the dominant object
LayoutAlignBottom               Ctrl+Down               Align bottom edges of the selected objects with the dominant object


Windows Explorer                -                       Activates user-defined tool
ToolsRulersGrid...              -                       Set properties of the rules and grid
ToolsOptions...                 -                       Changes options.
ToolsCustomize...               -                       Customize toolbars ane menus.
Paint Brush                     -                       Activates user-defined tool


WindowTileVertically            -                       Arrange windows as non-overlapping tiles
WindowTileHorizonttaly          -                       Arrange windows as non-overlapping tiles
WindowClose                     -                       Close the window
WindowCascade                   -                       Arrange windows so they overlap


HelpTipOfTheDay...              -                       Dysplay a tip of the day...
HelpTechnicalSupport            -                       Display support information
HelpSearch...                   -                       Search the online documentation
HelpQuickTutorial...            -                       Display the quick tutorial
HelpKeyboardMap...              -                       Display all keyboard commands
HelpIndex...                    -                       Dysplay the Index to the online documentation
HelpContents                    F1                      Display the table of contents for the online documentation.
HelpAboutDiagramStudio...       -                       Display program information, version number and copyright