Civilization 3 Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Move East                        Right Arrow / Keypad 6
Move North                       Up Arrow / Keypad 8
Move South                       Down Arrow / Keypad 2  
Move West                        Left Arrow / Keypad 4   
Move North East                  Page Up / Keypad 9      
Move North West                  Home / Keypad 7        
Move South East                  Page Down / Keypad 3
Move South West                  End / Keypad 1          
Airdrop    A
Airlift    T
Air Superiority Mission          S
Automate Worker A
Automate, Without Altering       Shift + A               
Automate, This City Only         Shift + I               
Automate, Clean Pollution Only   Shift + P               
Automate, Clear Forests Only     Shift + F               
Automate, Clear Jungle Only      Shift + J               
Bombard B
Bombing Mission                          
Build Army                       B
Build City                        
Build Colony                     B
Build Fortress                   Ctrl + F                
Build Mine                       M
Build Railroad                   Shift + R               
Build Railroad To                Ctrl + Shift + R        
Build Road                       R
Build Road To                    Ctrl + R                
Build Road To, Then Colony       Ctrl + B                
Clean Up Pollution               Shift + C               
Clear Forest                     Shift + C               
Clear Jungle                     Shift + C               
Disband     D
Explore E
Fortify / Garrison               F
Go To                            G
Hold (Skip Turn)                 Spacebar
Hurry Improvement                Ctrl + H                
Irrigate   I
Irrigate To Nearest City         Ctrl + I                
Join City                        B
Pillage P
Plant Forest                      
Re-Base Mission                  Shift + R               
Recon Mission                    R   
Trade Network                    Ctrl + N                
Unload / Load                    L
Upgrade U
Upgrade All                      Shift + U               
Wait W / Tab                 
City Window  
Add To Production Queue          Shift + Left Click      
Contact City Governors            
Hurry Production                 H
Load Production Queue            Q
Save Production Queue            Shift + Q               
Domestic Advisor                 F1  
Trade Advisor                    F2
Military Advisor                 F3   
Foreign Advisor                  F4
Cultural Advisor                 F5
Science Advisor                  F6
entre On Active Unit            C
Change Government (Revolution)   Shift + G               
Change Mobilization              Shift + M