Sim City 4 Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

F1 (God Mode)
F2 (Mayor Mode)
F3 (My Sim Mode)
F4(Options Panel)

Ctrl+1(Turtle Speed)
Ctrl+2(Rhino Speed)
Ctrl+3(Cheetah Speed)

+ (Zoom in one level)
- (Zoom out one level)
Press numbers 1 to 5 (Zoom levels 1 - farthest from city to 5 - closest to city)
Page Up (Rotate counter-clockwise)
Page Down (Rotate Clockwise)
Home (Rotate Building Clockwise)
End (Rotate Building Counter-Clockwise
Left Arrow / Right Arrow (Scroll Left/Right)
Ctrl+ Left Arrow/Ctrl+ Right Arrow(Scroll Left/Right Once)
Ctrl+Up Arrow/Ctrl+Down Arrow (Scroll up/down once)
Up Arrow/Down Arrow (Scroll Up/Down)
Spacebar (Center on Cursor)

Esc (Close Open Window/Release Tool)
/ (Query Tool)
Q (Zone Low D. Residential)
W (Zone Medium D. Residential)
E (Zone High D. Residential)
A (Zone Low D. Commercial)
S (Zone Medium D. Commercial)
D (Zone High D. Commercial)
Z (Zone Agricultrue)
X (Zone Medium D. Industrial)
C (Zone Heavy D. Industrial)
Y (Zone Landfill)
V (De-Zone)
B (Demolish)

Ctrl+F (Dispatch Fire)
Ctrl+P (Dispatch Police)
R (Road Tool)
Alt+R (Street Tool)
Shift+R (Highway Tool)
Ctrl+Shift+R (Build Bus Stop)
T (Rail Tool)
Ctrl+Shift+T (Passenger Depot)
Ctrl+Alt+T (Freight Depot)
Shift+T (Subway Tool)
Shift+Alt+T (Subway Station)
L (Power Lines Tool)
I (Pipes Tool)
P (Build Small Police Station)
Alt+P (Build Large Police Station)
Shift+P (Build Jail)
F (Build Small Fire Station)
Alt+F (Build Large Fire Station)
H (Build Clinic)
Alt+H (Build Hospital)
K (Build Elementary School)
Alt+K (Build High School)
Shift+K (Build City College)

F5 (Day Only)
F6 (Night Only)
F7 (Night & Day)

F11 (Open Play Options Dialog)
F9 (Open Graphics Options Dialog)
F10 (Open Audio Options Dialog)
Ctrl+S (Save City)
F8 (Exit To Region)
F12 (Quit SimCity 4)

Num Lock (Hide/Show UI)
Ctrl+Shift+A (Open Photo Album)
Ctrl+Shift+S (Take Snapshots)
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F (Full Screen Refresh)
Ctrl+X (Open Cheat Code Dialog)
Ctrl+Shift+C (Toggle Display of Terrain Contours)
Ctrl+Shift+O (Open Obliterate City Dialog)