Cellulo Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Standard QuickTime shortcuts (window and full screen modes):
Play/Pause Space
Raise/Lower volume by 25% Up/Down arrows
Quiet Option + down arrow
Max volume Option + up arrow
Rewind one frame Left arrow
Advance one frame Right arrow
Rewind to beginning of movie Option + left arrow
Advance to end of movie Option + right arrow
Cellulo shortcuts (from any window):
Next item Command + right arrow
Previous item Command + left arrow
Lower volume by 10% Command + down arrow
Raise volume by 10% Command + up arrow
Cellulo shortcuts (window and full screen modes):
Show the name of the current item i
Rewind 5 seconds <
Advance 5 seconds >
Rewind one minute Option + <
Advance one minute Option + >
Align previous subtitle on current time (
Align next subtitle on current time )
Cellulo shortcuts (full screen mode only):
Zoom relative to screen s
Zoom relative to screen width w
Zoom relative to screen height h
Zoom relative to original size o
Increase zoom by 10% +
Decrease zoom by 10% -
Reset zoom r
Exit full screen mode esc
or Mouse click
or Command + Return