Camino Hotkeys

Camino Menu  
Preferences… Command-Comma
Hide Camino Command-H
Empty Cache Command-Option-E
Hide Others Command-Option-H
Quit Camino Command-Q
File Menu  
New Window Command-N
New Tab Command-T
Open File… Command-O
Open Location… Command-L
Close Window (with tabs) Command-Shift-W
Close Window (without tabs) Command-W
Close Tab Command-W
Save As… Command-S
Email Page Location Command-Shift-L
Page Setup… Command-Shift-P
Print… Command-P
Edit Menu  
Undo Command-Z
Redo Command-Shift-Z
Cut Command-X
Copy Command-C
Paste Command-V
Select All Command-A
Get Info (page or bookmark) Command-I
Fill Form Command-Option-F
Find in Page… Command-F
Find Again Command-G
Find Previous Command-Shift-G
Use Selection for Find Command-E
View Menu  
Show/Hide Toolbar Command-Shift-T
Show/Hide Bookmark Bar Command-Shift-B
Show History Command-Y
Stop Loading Page Command-Period
Reload Page Command-R
Force Reload Page Command-Shift-R
Bigger Text Command-Equals
Smaller Text Command-Minus
View Page Source Command-Option-V
Go Menu  
Home Command-Shift-H
Search the Web Command-Shift-F
Back Command-[
Forward Command-]
Bookmarks Menu  
Add Page to Bookmarks… Command-D
Add Bookmark Folder… Command-Shift-N
Show All Bookmarks Command-B
Window Menu  
Minimize Command-M
Previous Tab Command-Option-Left Arrow
Next Tab Command-Option-Right Arrow
Downloads Command-Shift-D
Camino Help Command-Question
Open Link in New Window/Tab Command-Click
Focus Location Bar Command-L
Focus Search Field Command-Shift-F
Reverse the Load in background setting
for Open Link in New Window/Tab
Open in New Tabs
(tab group or folder in the Bookmarks menu)
Close Panel
(Find, Page Info, Bookmark Info)
Click-and-Move Scrolling Command-Option-Click and move the mouse
Horizontal Page Scrolling Shift-Scrollwheel
Find As You Type Forward Slash starts, then type


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