Boinx iStopMotion Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Action spacer: Shortcut

Navigation & Selection

Jump to the beginning/first frame of the movie   Home
Move one frame towards the beginning   Left Arrow
Move one second towards the beginning   Option-Left Arrow
Move on frame towards the end   Right Arrow
Move one second towards the end   Option-Right Arrow
Jump to the end/last frame of the movie   End
Extend the selection while moving   Shift+Left/Right Arrow
Extend the selection by one second while moving   Shift+Option+Left/Right Arrow

iStopMotion-Menu shortcuts

Open iStopMotion Preferences Window   Command-comma
Hide iStopMotion windows   Command-H
Hide all other windows except iStopMotion   Command-Option-H
Quit iStopMotion   Command-Q

File-Menu shortcuts

Create a new movie and show the new movie sheet   Command-N
Open a movie   Command-O
Close the current movie   Command-W
Save the current movie   Command-S
Save the current movie to a new file   Command-Shift-S
Export the current movie to QuickTime   Command-Shift-E
Export the current movie to DV   Command-E
Present the current movie full screen   Command-Shift-F

Edit-Menu shortcuts

Undo the last modification of the movie
(works multiple times)
Redo the last modification
(works multiple times)


Copy   Command-C
Paste   Command-V
Replace   Command-Shift-V
Delete   Command-Backspace
Select All   Command-A
Deselect   Command-D

Movie-Menu shortcuts

Capture Image   Command-R
Start Time Lapse   Command-T
Play Movie   Command-P
Loop Mode   Command-L
Jump to beginning of the movie   Home
Jump to the previous frame   Left Arrow
Jump to the next frame   Right Arrow
Jump to the end of the movie   End

View-Menu shortcuts

Show only the recorded movie in the window   Command-1
Show both the recorded movie and the preview (video or still image) at the same amount   Command-2
Show only the preview (video or still image) in the window   Command-3
Switch Blinking Off   Command-4
Switch Blinking On (five different speeds)   Command-5/6/7/8/9
Switch Onion Skinning Off   Command-Option-0
Show one to five onion skins in addition in the window.   Command-Option-1/2/3/4/5
Zoom fit to window   Command-0
Zoom 100%   Command-Shift-0
Zoom in   Command-"+"
Zoom Out   Command-"-"
Show/Hide the Options Drawer   Command-Option-O

Window-Menu shortcuts

Minimize the current window   Command-M

Help-Menu shortcuts

Open Boinx iStopMotion Help   Command-?