Avid Xpress Pro Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Q                         Go to IN point    

W                        Go to Out point  

E/I                       Mark IN point    

R/O                     Mark OUT point          

T                          Mark clip  

Y                         Cut clip left of timeline

U                         Cut clip right of timeline       

P                          Quick trim

 [                          trim mode  

A                         go to previous edit       

S                         go to next edit     

D                          Clear IN point    

F                          Clear OUT point

G                         Clear in and out points          

H                          Split Clip  

J                           Rewind      

K                          Pause         

L                          Play

;                           move splice In    

'                            Move Overwrite

Z                          Lift   

X                          Cut   

V                          Splice In    

B                          Overwrite  

N                          Insert Audio Keyframe

M                         Trim left 10 frames      

,                           Trim left 1 frame           

.                           Trim right 1 frame                  

/                          Trim right 10 frames

Left Arrow                    Back Frame by Frame

Right Arrow        Forward Frame by Frame

Up Arrow          Zoom Out

Down Arrow       Zoom In

Apple+left click   Jumps to nearest edit in timeline

1                          backward 10 frames

2                          forward 10 frames

3                          back 1 frame

4                          forward 1 frame

5                          play

6                         play in point to out point

7                          V2

8                          V1

9                          A1

0                          A2

-                           A3

=                          A4

\                           quick dissolve

Esc                       Switch sequence/clip view

Spacebar             play/pause

F9                        Capture

F10                      Edit

F11                      Effects Editing

F12                      Audio Editing

Apple + Z            Undo

Apple + R          Redo