Apollo keyboard shortcuts


1 Play previous track in playlist
Ctrl + 1 Crossfade to previous track in playlist
2 Stop playback
Ctrl + 2 Fade out and stop playback
3 Pause/resume playback
4 Replay current track. If current entry is a random entry, it is re-evaluated and a new track is picked.
Ctrl + 4 Same as above but the transition is done with a crossfade
5 Play next track in playlist
Ctrl + 5 Crossfade to next track in playlist
6 Toggle loop mode
7 Toggle shuffle mode
8 Enable/disable frequency analyzer
9 Enable/disable oscilloscope
0 Enable/disable visalization plug-ins
Ctrl + Up Raise volume
Ctrl + Down Lower volume
Ctrl + Left Rewind five seconds
Ctrl + Right Fast forward five seconds
L Open file(s)
Ctrl + L Open URL
Shift + L Open directory
Insert Add file(s)
Ctrl + Insert Add URL
Shift + Insert Add directory
Ctrl + G Generate a HTML document of the current main playlist
Alt + F3 Open Explorer in the active directory
Ctrl + F3 Open Explorer in the directory of the current track
Alt + F File menu
Alt + M Miscellaneous menu
Alt + P Playlist menu
O Options dialog
Ctrl + P Plug-ins dialog
F1 About dialog
E Graphic equalizer dialog
P Show/hide playlist in main window
F5 Refresh playlist information
Ctrl + F5 Reretrieve all playlist information
Shift + F5 Recreate random entry sample space
Alt + Enter Show properties of the current track
Alt + 3 Opens the additional track info (provided by the input plug-in) for current track
Tab Set focus to playlist editor
+ Switch to main window from mini window
- Switch to mini window from main window, hide into icon tray from mini window
Shift + - Hide into icon tray (both main and mini window)
Ctrl + Q Quit Apollo

Playlist editor

Ctrl + A Select all entries
Ctrl + F Find entry
F3 Find again
S Save selected playlist as
Ctrl + S Save selected playlist
Shift + S Save main playlist as
Delete Delete selected entry
Shift + Delete Drop selected playlist ( i.e. move all contents from the playlist up one level)
Ctrl + Shift + Delete Flatten main playlist (i.e. move all contents from all playlists to the top level)
Ctrl + Delete Clear main playlist
Ctrl + R Randomize selected playlist
Ctrl + Shift + R Randomize main playlist
Alt + Insert Insert new playlist
Alt + Ctrl + Insert Insert new playlist and move all selected entries into it
Ctrl + Shift + Insert Insert new random entry
Alt + Enter Show properties of the selected entry
Alt + Ctrl + Enter Show track properties of the selected random entry
Shift + Enter Mark entry to be played next
Shift + Escape Cancel next entry selection